Taking a taxi is a convenient and reliable way to get to your destination. But, just like anything else, you should do your best to make sure you are safe; after all, you are riding in a car with a total stranger. The following are just a few tips that may help keep you safe.

Choose The Right Taxi And Company

Do your best to avoid flagging down a random taxi from the streets. Planning ahead should be safer for you, so find a reputable taxi company around your area and have them send a taxi to your location.

Do not climb into the taxi until you have checked the following:

  • Make sure that the seat belts are functional.
  • Check to see that the door can be unlocked from the backseat.
  • Do not sit next to the driver.
  • Ask about the fare.
  • Be sure that the driver's meter is functional.

Do not worry about making the driver wait for you to check on these things. You are hiring him or her, so you have the power.

Be Vigilant During Your Taxi Ride

Making sure that you are safe does not stop the moment you sit down and put your seat belt on. You need to watch your driver and how he or she drives. Get out of the taxi as soon as it is safely possible if you notice any of the following:

  1. Your driver seems reckless.
  2. The driver has ignored one or more traffic laws.
  3. Your driver appears to be under the influence of some type of drug.
  4. The driver seems to be tired or sleepy.

You should also send a text to a friend or family member with the following information:

  • Name of the taxi driver
  • Identification number
  • License number
  • The name of the taxi company

You can also simply write the information down on a notepad either digitally or on paper. You can use this information should there be a disagreement between you and the taxi driver. It is also important for someone to know where you are at all times.

Remember not to divulge too much personal information about yourself during your ride. Your taxi driver--even if he or she is very friendly--is still a stranger. Following some of the aforementioned tips should give you peace of mind during your taxi ride. You can also ask the taxi company you call for further safety tips that could help you in your commuting.

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