As a resident of Los Angeles, you know just how much ground there is to cover when showing visitors around during their time spent with you. So if your visitor is ambitious, you shouldn't waste any time sharing experiences with one another that emphasize the special qualities of the area. The day your visitor arrives offers the perfect opportunity to set the tone for a memorable stay with you. Here are a few ways to make your visitor's reception a day they won't soon forget:

Hire a Limo Service

Both traffic and parking situations can be pretty stressful for residents, let alone visitors who aren't intimately familiar with the area. So instead of having your visitor rent a car for the occasion or worrying about the stressful task of driving yourself, plan a pick up in style with the help of an LAX limo service provider. Unlike a taxi cab where you have to pay be the mile in addition to other fees, you can pay a limousine service by the hour to get your around town for the day.

No one in your party will be driving, so you can rest assured that stress won't have to be part of the day. A limo offers plenty of room to store your visitor's stuff until you get back to your place, and you'll still have plenty of space for refreshments and food to keep the ride comfortable. There's hardly a better way to acclimate your visitor to the area than a ride in luxury that's perfect in temperature and offers all the comforts of privately chauffeured transportation.

Learn more about your options by contacting services such as LAX Car Service.

Plan an Extraordinary Event

Do something extraordinary the first day your visitor gets into town that gives them some insight into what Los Angeles is all about. Go skydiving near the city, take a helicopter ride above major attractions, or tour television production sets while filming is taking place for your visitor's favorite show. The idea is to do something exciting that your visitor isn't expecting so they'll have a fun story to share with friends and family for many years to come. Other interesting options to consider include:

  • Taking a cruise to Catalina Island for a picnic.
  • Participating in an electric bicycle tour around Hollywood.
  • Ride horses to the hill where the Hollywood sign is located and hike up to it for a close and personal experience.

If you're not sure what will get your visitor's adventurous juices flowing, ask people who are close to them for some insight so you can keep the experience a surprise. If you can't talk with your visitors' loved ones, bring up a few adventurous things you've done in the past during your next conversation to see what kind of information you're provided in return.

Top Things off With Indulgence

A great way to end your visitor's surprise adventure reception is to head to a hot spot for dinner where you're likely to spot a celebrity or two while you're enjoying your meal together. Try one of these trendy dining options:

  • Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks is a celebrity magnet partly due to delicious dish options such as crab and shrimp empanadas.
  • Fig and Olive may have a celebrity-only entrance, but they can still be easily spotted enjoying cocktails and meals in the dining room.
  • The likes of stars like Conan O'Brien and Bradley Cooper love frequenting Sugarfish for the chef's elegant take on sushi dishes.

Make sure your smartphone is set to take pictures upon entering the restaurant in case you have a small opportunity to snap some memorabilia photos of your visitor with a celebrity.

With these techniques in mind, you should be able to mold a first day for your visitor that peaks their specific interests and helps you tap into the true culture of Los Angeles.