If you're planning your wedding and you're all about the cowboys, go all-out and make it a western-themed event. It's your day, so plan it the way you want it, right down to the littlest details. Here are four ideas that will guarantee the perfect western-themed wedding.

Request Themed Clothing

You and your partner are going to be dressed to the hilt in country charm. Why not request the same from your guests? When you mail out your invitations, be sure to request that your guests show up in themed clothing, including the cowboy boots and hats. You and your guests will have the memorable evening in all its country splendor.

Arrive by Stagecoach

Most brides dream of being driven to their wedding in a stretch limousine or carriage. To help your western wedding live up to its theme, arrive in a stagecoach instead. You and your wedding party will arrive in style – western style, that is – when you use an authentic stagecoach for your big day. Go one step further and have your partner arrive on horseback. There should be local stagecoach rental companies, like Arizona Stagecoach Manufacturing Co., just as there are limousine rental companies. 

Bring on the Hayrides

No western-themed wedding would be complete without the hayrides. While you and your partner are enjoying your first hours of wedded bliss, send your guests off on hayrides. If you're going to have an evening reception, be sure to include blankets so your guests can cozy up under the stars with their own partners. Don't forget to grab your partner and head out for a hayride, yourself. Bring your photographer along for the ride so they can take plenty of romantic pictures of the new couple.

Dosey-Doe the Night Away

Now that you're planning a western-themed wedding, don't forget the dancing. Set up a hardwood dance floor, and dosey-doe the night away. Instead of hiring a DJ, hire a professional square dance caller to come out and entertain your guests. While you're at it, why not offer some dance instruction too? That way you and your guests will be right at home when you start kicking up your heels for the Texas two-step. Don't forget to set some hay bales around so your guests can relax when they're done dancing.

You've waited your whole life to plan your wedding. Now that you're doing it, make sure it's everything you hoped it would be. If you've decided on a western-themed wedding, use the tips provided here to get back to your country roots and plan the perfect wedding.