Flying to a remote destination does not have to be an impossible journey. Often, commercial flights can only get you close to your destination. You still have to find a way to make that final leg yourself. But, a service that can make that final jump for you or take you directly there in one trip would be very helpful.

Luckily, you can charter a flight instead of relying upon commercial airlines. Charter jets have numerous benefits that you can't experience when flying commercial that include:

  • Direct service from your point of departure to your destination. A charter company can file a custom flight plan to go from point A to point B without the need to change planes or carriers along the way.
  • Multiple stops of your choosing.  If a direct flight is not your choice, you can stop as many places as you need to along the way.
  • Flexible schedule. You can pick when you want to leave instead of choosing from commercial flight times.
  • Privacy. You chartered the jet, so you and those you invite are the only ones on the jet. You don't have to worry about what others overhear or be inundated by multiple conversations around you.
  • Catered meals.  Many airlines don't even provide in-flight meal service. Those that do have only a couple of options. You have the ability to set your meal plan in advance with as many options as you want. You can even have meals catered by top restaurants.
  • In-flight entertainment. Instead of wondering what will be available to watch, you can make sure that your favorite selection of movies, shows, or even music is there to help you pass the time.
  • Connectivity.  Stay connected with friends, colleagues, or business associates. You have multiple options, such as Wi-Fi or in-flight phones.
  • Pets can come too!  As long as you are traveling domestically, you can often arrange for your pet to come with you.
  • Expedited passport clearance for international flights.  If you are flying internationally where you have to have a passport, you receive expedited service, security checks, and passport processing.

But what if you have to get somewhere that is not easily accessible by plane? Not a problem! Charter services aren't exclusively for aircraft. You can also charter helicopter services. In many cases, you can charter a plane to get you close and then a helicopter to take you to your final destination. While the helicopter flight won't have the amenities of a private plane, it is not an option provided by commercial airline companies!

Charter services give you great flexibility, discretion, amenities, and convenience. If your schedule and requirements don't easily fit within the confines of a commercial offering, a jet charter service is the way to go.