Renting a bicycle gives you the means to stay in shape, reduce stress, and enjoy spending time outside. The last thing you want to do, however, is find yourself on a long bike ride away from home and experience a bicycle breakdown. You can reduce this risk by renting a high-quality product at reputable a bike shop. In addition to renting high-end products, bike rentals are ideal because shop employees are often bicycling enthusiasts who are knowledgeable about this pastime. This means that when you rent a bicycle, you can ask a series of questions that will help you maintain the bike while it's in your possession. Here are some things to find out about.

Adjusting The Brakes

Over time, and especially if you ride off the beaten path, the brakes on your bike can loosen and require care. When loose, they won't do their job correctly, so it's important for you to understand how to maintain and adjust them. The bicycle shop salesperson can show you the proper steps to adjusting your bike's brakes. This can differ slightly among models, so it's always important to get a tutorial on your specific brakes before you leave the shop. You can also make sure that you have the correct tools to complete this job successfully.

Filling Your Tires

While it's true that the average bicycling enthusiast likely knows how to fill his or her bike's tires with air, you might not know the proper inflation to aim for. Filling your tires is about more than just doing so until the tires feel hard. You can learn the ideal pressure for your tires from an employee at the bicycle shop. This inflation level can differ based on the size and style of the tires, as well as whether you're renting a mountain bike or a road bike.

Transporting It Properly

Instead of tossing your bike into the back of your pickup truck or having it half hang out of your car's trunk, you can get some expert insight on the best way to transport the bike. The bicycle shop employee can discuss with you some racks that can suit both your  bike and your type of vehicle. This way, whether you're transporting your mountain bike to a national park for the day or taking a road bike to a big race in a different city, you'll be able to feel confident that the bike will be secure during transit.