If you're concerned about unexplained trip cancellations, overbooked flights, or other issues typically associated with utilizing commercial airlines, it is time to consider chartering a private plane. Flying via private jet allows you to bypass the unsavory experiences commonly associated with air travel. Check out some things you need to know about flying in a chartered plane.

1. You Still Need Your ID

Though the security lines for passengers utilizing private planes are typically shorter, you still need to have the appropriate identification to fly. When flying domestically, a valid driver's license or state-issued ID is sufficient. However, for international flights, you need to make sure you also have your passport.

2. Limit Your Luggage to the Essentials, Especially if Traveling with Friends or Coworkers

Private planes are smaller than commercial aircraft and have restrictions concerning how much weight they are allowed to have when they fly. Check with the company chartering the plane for its recommendations, as the maximum allowed weight varies from plane to plane.

It is especially important to pack lightly if you will be traveling with friends or coworkers. You want to make sure that everyone has enough space to travel with their essentials. 

If you need to travel with more items than permitted by the plane's regulations, consider shipping them ahead of time to your destination.

3. Tips are Appreciated

When traveling via a commercial airline, it is not customary to tip your pilot. However, pilots who fly private planes usually do more than fly the aircraft. They also have to load and unload luggage, help passengers board, and tend to flight itineraries. It is customary to show your appreciation via a monetary tip.

4. Anyone Can Charter a Private Plane

Though flying via private aircraft is a mode of transportation usually associated with wealthy or famous travelers, fares for flying via chartered planes are reasonable, especially if you are traveling for a time sensitive obligation. It makes sense to pay a bit extra to ensure you are on time for an important business meeting. 

Another benefit of flying via a private plane is that private aircraft typically have access to small airports that commercial aircraft do not service. This means that you can fly to areas that you would otherwise have to drive or take the train to. Instead of flying and then having to rent a car and drive hours to finish your trip, you can fly directly to your desired locale. This reduces expenses associated with having to book other forms of transportation or staying in hotel rooms to accommodate the extra travel time. 

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