You step off of the plane at your destination and your next responsibility as a traveler will be to find a means of transportation to get you where you need to go, whether it is your hotel, business meeting, or otherwise. There are all kinds of opportunities for transportation at most airports, including rental cars and airport taxi services. However, the most logical way to travel from an airport is usually by taxi, but why is that the case? Take a look at some of the advantages you will enjoy by taking a taxi from the airport instead of renting your own vehicle. 

Taking an airport taxi means you skip the long lines at the rental car station. 

Most airports do have rental car terminals right on sight, which can definitely be convenient. However, these stations tend to be overwhelmingly jammed with travelers waiting to pick up their vehicles. This means that you could spend a long time just waiting to get a car. On the contrary, you can simply flag down an airport taxi curbside when you step out of the building most of the time. You can even schedule a taxi in advance in most locations so you have no wait time at all. 

Taking an airport taxi means you will not be stuck navigating traffic in an unfamiliar location. 

Driving on your own in an area where you are not familiar with the roadways can be a hassle and even a little scary. Throw into the mix the fact that the traffic leaving the airport can be pretty heavy and you have an all out nightmare if you don't like driving in new places. By taking an airport taxi instead, you can simply climb in and trust a local driver to get you to your intended destination. 

Taking an airport taxi gives you a chance to safely communicate on your phone. 

One of the first things travelers do when they step out of the airport most of the time is pick up their phone and start making calls. Whether keeping up with business partners or simply letting friends and family members know you have safely arrived from the flight, this communication can be difficult when you rent your own car. Some states actually have laws that prevent people from using their cell phones while driving. If you take a taxi, you can do all the communication you need while someone else does the driving.