It's always comforting to know you have a ride waiting for you at the airport. The type of service you choose will depend on your budget and your needs as a traveler. Here are some options. 


Having a shuttle that you've purchased in advance is one option. You will be able to select the timing ahead of time, guarantee yourself a spot, and pay. You can also look at airport maps to find the best route to the shuttle pickup spot. That's definitely a lot better than trying to navigate the schedules and locations of public transportation services, and the ride itself will be cleaner and more convenient. 


Car airport service works well for small groups of casual travelers who want their own space. It's certainly much more direct than taking a shuttle. For car service, you can split the costs of a single vehicle between multiple travelers, and the math adds up in favor of private cars over shuttles if you have multiple people. 

Business Car 

The next step up would be an airport service with a luxury car. This is usually the most appropriate option if you are traveling to a professional meeting or arranging to have a client picked up. This airport service provide a bit more focus on the experience rather than simply getting from place to place. Expect to find a luxury interior as well as amenities such as temperature and music control. 

Limo Service

Limo service could be your method of choice if you are flying for a special occasion. What a fun way to pick up multiple people for a memorable day. Again, the cost goes down as you add more people to the vehicle, and it may be better than splitting into multiple cabs. 

Charter Bus or Coach

The final service that can be arranged by many airport service teams is a charter bus for a larger group of people. You could plan to keep the same driver and vehicle for the duration of your trip to make the daily rates go down, since there may be an airport surcharge. 

All of these options are great to consider for your next airport travel. When you contact an airport service, they will help you decide which service is most appropriate for your group, and they will give you all of the planning details for your trip to and/or from the airport.