If your teenager and their friends want to rent a limo for their prom, that can be a stylish way to show up for the dance of the year. As their parent, though, you'll have to help them arrange the transportation and depending on their age, you may be responsible for the entire transaction. While setting up their limo ride, ask these questions of the limo companies you'd like to use.

Can the Limo Be Viewed Beforehand?

To be sure that you and the teenagers are pleased with the vehicle that will arrive at your door, it's smart to arrange a time when you can all see the specific limo they'll be using. It must comfortably fit everyone, so packing them into the limo now can let you know whether the size is appropriate for all of them. Remember that prom gowns can have a lot of fabric; if it's already a tight fit, you may very well want to arrange for a larger vehicle. Not only that, but seeing the limo before the night of the prom can ensure that picky teenagers are satisfied with it's appearance.

Will the Limo Company Allow Passenger Changes?

Depending on the age of the kids who will be riding in the limo, the limo company might have strict rules about who they are and whether they'll allow for passenger changes. If your teenager and their friends plan to drop off a friend and pick up another that hasn't been cleared beforehand, that could be a problem. Ask now whether there are rules in place for new or revolving passengers.

Are There Extra Fees?

Be sure that you and every parent involved gets a copy of the limo contract so you can understand the terms, but mostly to look for extra fees that can be attached to a final bill. What happens if one of the teenagers spills soda on the carpet, for instance? Will there be more charges if multiple stops are made? Ensure that the teen passengers understand that they should try to avoid extra costs while riding. If more costs are incurred, make a plan now for how those costs will be divided among them.

Your teenager may be the one who wants the limo for their prom, but your help will allow them to be comfortable with renting one. Consult the other parents and ask as many questions of the limo company as you can. For more information, contact companies like AO Limousine.