Some of the most iconic theme parks provide shuttle service. It is part and parcel of what is generally included in your vacation package, but that is not the only reason why. In fact, there are a number of reasons why such theme parks provide shuttle services to their guests and tourists.

The Theme Park's Resort Hotels Are an Hour or More Away from the Airport

Most people are surprised to learn that when they arrive at the airport nearest their theme park destination that the theme park is still an hour or more away. This is the first reason why the theme parks offer their own personal shuttle services. They do not want guests to have to rent a car and then drive the whole distance from airport to resort and risk getting lost because guests do not know just how far away the resorts and park actually are.

If You Were Going to a Nearby Hotel, They Have Shuttle Service

It stands to reason that if any nearby hotel close to the airport has its own set of shuttles for guests, major theme park resorts should too. You would not fly into a city and then try to navigate unknown streets on your own to get to your hotel. You would just board the hotel's next shuttle and let the shuttle driver do the work for you. The theme park's resort people follow the same train (or rather, shuttle) of thought.

All of the Theme Park's Resorts Are Spread out All over the Place

Another factor that plays a role in the provision of shuttle service here is that these massive theme parks have a dozen or more resorts, and the resorts are spread out all over the place. The resorts are not just in one or two locations. They each have their own location. That could get pretty frustrating if you had to locate your resort and try to figure out which way to go so that you are not at the wrong resort!

Shuttle Services to the Parks Themselves

In addition to being shuttled to and from the airport, these theme parks have their own transportation to the actual theme parks. So many visitors assume that they have direct access to the parks, but the fact remains is that the parks themselves are actually five to twenty miles away from your resort, depending on which lodging you chose. It is highly unlikely you would want to walk that distance to and from the parks every day! Hence, the shuttle services bring you there and back to your resort faster.