New cleaning products are released every year that are designed to manage a variety of messes. Making yours stand out can be a challenging act, but if you use TEG in your product, you are going to attract a large number of industrial companies. That's because they recognize TEG as the standard-bearer for disinfectants in industrial cleaners.

The Nature Of TEG 

TED or trimethylene glycol is a dense liquid that will float on top of water. It has no color and possesses a very mild odor that is easy to ignore. It has been used in a variety of different ways, including adding it to various solvents. For example, it is heavily used to dehydrate oil or gas and remove the water particles that may be lingering in it.

However, it is only important for you to understand that a large number of companies are manufacturing industrial cleaners with TEG. That's because it is a surprisingly powerful disinfectant that provides a variety of other benefits that make it worth considering when you are creating a new industrial cleaning solution.

It Can Be A Powerful Disinfectant

A good industrial cleaner should have a strong disinfectant. Thankfully, TEG is known to kill bacteria, fungus, mold, and even various viruses. In fact, it is often considered one of the best topical ways to kill most types of the influenza virus.

As a result, it is a powerful way to clean an industrial facility and makes an excellent addition to your industrial cleaner. Before using it in your facility, though, it is imperative to follow proper safety standards. In this way, you can keep your employees and your facility protected.

Using It Safely In Your Factory

Working with TEG or any other kind of chemical should be done with utmost care and respect for the item. Your employees who mix TEG in your industrial cleaner should wear gas masks, gloves, and even goggles to protect themselves. While TEG is not a very volatile chemical (e.g., it does not react heavily with most organic and inorganic compounds), it shouldn't be in your workers' eyes or mucous membranes.

It is also wise to store it in large barrels in a climate-controlled environment. The barrels should be sealed and the temperature around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. While TEG is not known to ignite in hotter temperatures, keeping it at room temperature protects your employees and ensures that it is safe to use in your cleaning solutions.

As you can see, TEG is a relatively-safe compound and one that provides many benefits for your industrial cleaner. Make sure that you talk to a supplier as soon as possible to learn more about this compound and how it can be used in your facility.