A helicopter ride is a neat experience. Usually, the only time that people get to ride in a helicopter is when they serve in the military or they are being transported through the air to a hospital. That is not much fun because you are either too nervous, in too much pain, or passed out during the ride to even notice much. 

Thankfully, there are some helicopter charters that provide rides to tourists. It is the ideal way to see certain cities and sights when you visit. The following cities have some of the best helicopter chartered tours you can buy.

New York City, NY

The "Big Apple" is really big. When you imagine big, you probably imagine about two hundred thousand people, but New York City, NY, has over eight million people! The sheer size of this "mega-city" can be quite daunting to visitors. When you want to see the sights and see where everything is in relation to everything else you want to see and do, charter a helicopter. The helicopter will slingshot around the Statue of Liberty, past the Manhattan buildings of the wealthiest people and companies in the world, and allow you to see all of Times Square and Broadway from above.

Hollywood/Los Angeles, California

This is another major city you should see by helicopter. The reason being is that you can see up and over the Hollywood hills, hover right in front of the giant letters on the hill, spot celebrity homes perched high in these hills, and scout out all the cool sights to see on the ground. A helicopter pilot here can tell you where some of the best tourist-y activities are, too. 

Honolulu, Hawaii

You would think that in light of the massive and ongoing eruption of Mount Kilauea on this island's southeastern tip, nobody would want to visit this popular island state. However, most of the rest of the island is safe from lava and magma, and a chartered helicopter tour still allows you to view all of the islands of Hawaii. If you are especially adventurous, you can charter a copter to fly close to the volcano to watch the lava flows and admire the destructive beauty of the volcano. Scientists studying the volcano have even chartered helicopters to fly close to and land near the volcano to get an up-close view. How close your pilot flies is up to him/her, but it is still worth it.

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