If you have a boat that you want to transfer from one location to the next, then you should hire a boat transportation company. This sort of business will deliver your boat safely and quickly. However, you do want to prepare your boat properly for the excursion. Keep reading to learn about a few essential things you want to do.

Secure Loose Items

Most boat transportation companies have policies against entering your cabin or setting foot on your boat. This helps to reduce liability issues and it ensures that your property is safe when the transportation business takes possession of it. So, you want to make sure that you have everything secured, especially in the cabin area. 

Remove any loose items, like cans of food, water containers, or tools that you keep in the space. Also, you want to secure any locker or storage doors. You can do this by securing zip ties along the handles or by running long pieces of tape over door seams. Cabin doors and hatches should also be secured with the assistance of duct tape or another kind of strong adhesive tape.

If you have a dinghy, floatation devices, or any other items that are secured to the exterior of the boat, then you want to remove these as well. Transporting them separately is ideal since they may roll around in the cabin of the boat and cause damage.

Add a Shrinkwrap

You may want to prepare your boat for transportation by disconnecting the battery and making sure that gasoline is removed. In other words, you want to do the same sorts of things that you would when winterizing the boat. This also means that you should have the boat shrinkwrapped. 

Shrinkwrapping can protect the exterior of the boat from rocks and other debris from the road that may bounce up during transport. The wrap can also keep the boat free from exhaust damage from the truck transporting the boat. You can wrap the boat yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Just make sure the entirety of the boat is wrapped and not just the deck.

Speak with the transportation business about the inspection of the wrap during the transport. Most companies will tape up or repair wrap that comes undone while on the road. However, any damage that occurs due to ripped wrap is often not the responsibility of the transportation business.

If you want to know more about the things you should be doing to prepare your boat for transport, speak with services such as Florida Boat Transport LLC.