A dump truck is a big piece of equipment that you can use for a variety of different situations. When it comes to renting a dump truck, you need to know when it is appropriate to rent a dump truck and what for.  

Rent a Dump Truck for Hauling Landscape Materials 

You can rent a dump truck to haul landscaping materials. A dump truck is the perfect size for hauling all types of landscaping materials, from dirt to gravel to wood chips. If you are doing a large construction project, and you need a lot of landscaping material delivered to the construction site, a dump truck may be an economical solution for delivering all of the landscaping material.  

You are going to want to make sure that the locations where you will be picking up the landscaping material are willing to fill up a dump truck with the landscaping material and that their facility can accommodate a dump truck.  

Rent a Dump Truck for Demolition Purposes 

Another great reason to rent a dump truck is for demolition purposes. If you are doing a big demolition project, you may want to rent a dump truck. With a dump truck, you can load it up with all of the trash from your demolition project and take it straight to the dump.  

You don't have to rent a dumpster, wait for it to be delivered, fill it up, and wait for it to be picked up again. You can just rent a dump truck and make as many trips as necessary back and forth to the landfill in a quick and efficient manner.  

Check with your local landfill before you rent the dump truck though, and make sure that they will accept a personal load of demolition trash via a dump truck before you rent the truck.  

Don't Rent a Dump Truck for Trash Disposal 

You should not rent a dump truck for getting rid of trash. They are not trash trucks. The landfill will accept demolition material, but they will not accept a truck full of trash. If you have a bunch of trash, you do need to rent a dumpster or hire a trash company to get rid of it for you.  

When it comes to renting a dump truck, it can be a great vehicle to use for hauling landscape materials and for demolition purposes. You shouldn't rent a dump truck for regular trash disposal; you should rent a dumpster instead. Find a reliable dump truck company like Hoelscher Bobby Trucking Inc for your dump truck needs.