For your wedding day, are you considering hiring a limousine to take you to and from the venue? While a limo ride is considered a "must" for many brides and grooms, it's not the only choice for a modern couple. In fact, a simpler solution — like an executive/black car — is often an even better answer. Here are a few of the best reasons to skip the limo and opt for a sleek car service instead.

1. It's Less Expensive. Even a small limousine for the minimum number of hours needed is not going to be budget-friendly. With rates typically into the hundreds of dollars per hour, limos can add a big expense to your wedding budget — money you can't spend on other wedding elements. A black car, though, will cut the cost dramatically while still providing luxury transportation.

2. It's Less Flashy. Some couples want the drama and attention of a big stretch limousine as they wind their way through town to the chapel. But if you aren't a showy person, this may not appeal to you. An executive car provides all the bells and whistles of a limo ride but without the attention-seeking nature of a limousine. 

3. It Fits Fewer People. Limousines typically hold six, eight, ten, or more guests and turn into quite a party on the way to the wedding. If you want to a more intimate, romantic experience limited to you and your parent or you and your new spouse, the executive sedan is a good way to get it. You won't have to turn down any unwanted passengers because there simply isn't room for them. 

4. It's More Versatile. Executive cars can go anywhere and do anything that a normal car can do — including picking up VIP guests, taking the bride or groom to appointments, parking in normal locations, and navigating any type of street. Limos, on the other hand, are unwieldy and may not be able to get you exactly where you want to go. And they may look somewhat silly making that Starbucks stop on your big day. 

5. It's More Available. Because of their popularity, limos must be reserved a long time in advance. Prices go up during prom or wedding season. And you'll have a smaller number of choices and vendors, making price comparisons limited. A black car, though, is easier to find and rent. And you won't be competing with all the other couples who have the same idea. 

Clearly, you have good reasons to trade out your limo ride for a chic black car. No matter whether you want a budget-friendly option, a more demure experience, or an easier rental, this simple change could de-stress this aspect of wedding planning. Learn more by talking to a black car service.