If you own an eCommerce business and want to succeed, you will need to offer international shipping. However, international shipping can be tough to figure out the logistics of, which is why you need to understand how the international shipping process works.

Step #1: Work with an International Shipping Company

If you want to ship items internationally, you will not just want to drop them off at the post office. You are going to want to select the best international shipping company to work with. You will want to compare the rate for shipping items to the countries that you ship to the most frequently and look at how quickly they can ship items to that country to find the right international shipping company to work with.

Step #2: Understanding International Shipping Cost Factors

If you want to ship items internationally, it is important to understand how what factors impact your shipping costs. With shipping costs, the origin of your item, as well as the destination, is going to impact the price. Often, the greater the distance, the more it will cost you to ship the item, although this rule isn't always accurate.

Another factor is whether you are working with a postal carrier or with an express carrier. An express carrier can get your items there faster and often provide more detailed service, but they cost more to work with. A postal carrier will take their time shipping your item, but you will save money.

Additionally, what you are shipping matters. Different products incur different duties and taxes, which will increase your overall shipping fees.

Step #3: Packing Is Essential

With international shipping, how you package your item is extremely important. You want to package your item so that it can make it through all the bumps on the road it will encounter as it makes its way to your customer. You need to use a package that ensures that your item will reach its destination without being harmed.

You also need to ensure that you are not using too much product packaging. Excess product packaging will add to the weight and size of your package and help increase your shipping costs. You will want to run a few experiments to find the right amount of packaging to keep your product safe and your shipping costs low.

If you are running an eCommerce store, and you want to expand and offer international shipping, you will want to find an international shipping company to work with. You will want to be aware of the factors that impact your shipping costs, from distance to product type. You will need to figure out how much packaging you really need to use to keep your products safe and your shipping costs down.