Many people use wheelchairs permanently, while others may need to use a wheelchair temporarily. If someone has had surgery or is recovering from an injury, then the wheelchair may be a necessity for the time being. However, once they have healed, they won't need to use the wheelchair anymore. Whether someone uses a wheelchair permanently or temporarily, they will likely have to go places and the wheelchair can make traveling challenging. This is why it's great to have access to wheelchair-accessible rental vans. Continue reading to learn more about these rental vans and how they can be helpful. 

The features of a wheelchair-accessible van 

When you rent a wheelchair-accessible van, it will have a wheelchair ramp. Some have lifts that allow the person to be safely lifted from the ground and be placed into the van while remaining in their wheelchair. Once inside the van, they can then be secured in the van, so the wheelchair won't be able to move around while traveling. Some other features they have can include transfer seats, hand controls, and other options added for convenience. 

There are flexible rental options for wheelchair-accessible rental vans

When renting one of these vans, they can be rented for the duration of time that they are needed for. So, if someone only needs a van for one day, they can rent it. However, if they need to rent the van for a month, then they can do this as well. Sometimes, a person may need to rent a wheelchair-accessible van for a short period of time because their own van is out of commission. Or, a person whose in a wheelchair temporarily may need the van for the amount of time they will be in the chair for. Having this flexibility is great because it works for everyone, regardless of their needs. 

Wheelchair-accessible rental vans can accommodate families

There are often different options when it comes to the seating that rental wheelchair-accessible vans offer. They can even be found to accommodate two wheelchair users, as well as offer seats for a full carload of ambulatory passengers. This makes them very accommodating to entire families who need to rent a vehicle that will accommodate someone who uses a wheelchair. If you need to rent one of these vans, then you will likely appreciate having access to all the options you will find available to you.

Contact a local rental service to learn more about getting a wheelchair-accessible rental van.